Ugh… I don’t even want to talk about it. I feel I’m becoming lukewarm. I’m not not caring, but I’m not caring like I should. I’ve been to five different churches and don’t feel like I would benifit the Kingdom in any of them. I’m becoming very frustrated. This is not fun, but I refuse to give up. I will find a church where I can serve the Lord. I’m determined.


hello summertime

one more day of school! final is tomorrow!! and i totally have an A going into the final!! yay! and then beach next thursday!! praise the Lord above i’m actually going to have a small vacation!! i’m going snorkling for the first time. but i’m not a fan of fish, and i’ve heard fish like to be around you when you snorkle. i’ll kill them. oh i wish i were leaving now! i’m so excited!



it’s been forever since i blogg
ed, so i wanted to pick back up on it. however, i have nothing i feel the need to blog about. so where to start..? i have a few churches in mind i want to visit after skyline ceases to have service. i went to warrior church of god when i was younger, and they’re in need of a children’s minister now. i love the church and the people that go there, but i don’t know if i’m capable of being a children’s minister. i helped kandy at skyline, and i feel i was a good help, but i see myself as more of a follower instead of a leader. i don’t know. something to continue to pray about, i suppose.

i have been taking (re-taking, rather) a math class at bevill this summer. i failed it in the spring, so i had to take it again. passing with a ‘b’ right now. finals are next week. then the fall term starts two weeks later. talk about a LONG summer! i love college. it’s so great. but anyway, i’ll be taking math 113 (precal/trig), human growth and development, music appreciation, and english lit. hopefully this math class won’t have to be taken twice. i still haven’t taken any science classes. i think my advisor wants me to stay at bevill an extra semester. i mean, that’s my dream. i want to stay at bevill forever. NOT! i still have no idea where i’m going to transfer to. i’m scared i’ll choose a college where i’ll have to move away and then i won’t be able to make it on my own. i’m filled with fear about it.

i gave todd (my poodle) a hair cut yesterday. my dad told me to keep my day job, but i don’t have one. i’m currently unemployed. have been for a few weeks now. i applied at about a billion places, but cato is the only place that’s called me back. i’ve been to two interviews and i’m waiting on a phone call. i hope i get something soon. i’ve been tutoring a little girl twice a week. so i’m not COMPLETELY unemployed. but thirty dollars a week is a joke when you have a car payment and a cell phone bill. which my mother has so graciously decided to pay for me for august. thirty freakin five dollars. pay the car payment, woman! sorry.

mom and i have been really crafty since mack and i painted my room. we painted it black, which mom wasn’t too thrilled about. and one wall is a chalkboard. it’s kinda neat. but mom made me a lamp and i made a picture frame. both zebra, of course! my bed is clothed with a silk zebra print comforter and two black, fuzzy pillows. todd really loves the comforter. he will sleep until 10:30 everyday if i let him. silly goose.

i suppose that’s all i have for now…



I made a little fat A on my first math test. A 96 to be exact. This is the second time I’ve taken this math class. First go-around… I failed miserably. So far, so good this time! Praise the Lord!


Chattanooga, TN


Lookout Mtn. was pretty cool. Kind of a let down, but pretty cool.


The zoo wasn’t anywhere near as good as Birmingham’s. But the animals sure were healthy. Good-n-fat!


Jellyfish are the main focus right now at the aquarium. They were okay. Kinda boring. They remind me of Goofy’s “hot dog dance” on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.


I touched these ugly things… Can you believe it?!? Steve Erwin coudn’t even handle them. I conquered those bad boys.


School’s out for Summer

Too bad I have to work five days a week and Mack is leaving for almost all of May. However, I don’t have to worry about school until June 1st. I’m having to re-take my Math 112 class. I failed with flying colors. So far the only other grade I have is English 102. That was an “A”. My final was a creative paper. I placed Poe’s “The Masque of the Red Death” on the cancer floor of a hospital. I got an “A”. Just like every other assignment in English. Why can’t Math be as easy to me as English is?!? Silly math. Oh well. Now I’m just waiting on grades for CIS 146 (my computer class), and PSY 200 (my psychology class). Hopefully they’re both “A”‘s. Maybe a “B” in Computer because I rarely ever showed up. Who knows… Anyway, Happy Cinco de Mayo!


First Post From Ipod

Consume me/Lord, use me/For all that You Will
In my sorrow/I’ll follow/Your voice, small and still

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